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Entrepreneurs Write Now

Feb 26, 2021

Every business owner and author needs a website. 

Dave Loebig joins us today from Pacesetter Media. He talks about the importance of a website, how to design and develop a website, and how to manage SEO (search engine optimization)!

All of this is vital! Without a website, your business has no billboard. Without proper design and development, visitors will be turned away. Without proper SEO, browsers may never show up in the first place!

Learn several tips for designing and developing your website, and hear about useful tools for managing SEO.

If you decide you'd rather have someone else build your website for you, Dave has been in the business of making clients happy for 20 years. You can reach him by visiting his website,

Having a website is a great way to show yourself as an authority in your niche! You can find five more ways to show yourself as an authority in your niche and gain clients by downloading my free infographic, "5 Ways to Be Seen as an Authority in Your Niche and Gain Clients" here!